Tuesday, 22 March 2011

It's not idle surfing or gawping at the box, it has 'high cultural value'

I am indebted to our French neighbours for coming up with yet another odd survey, with some even odder findings: on which activity has the greatest cultural value (in the opinion of the participant).

Top of the table is reading a book, at 29% (down six points in 14 years), followed by going to an exhibition / museum at 20%, reading a paper at 12%, going to a concert at 12% and my favourite - 8% for surfing the internet, followed by 7% for watching TV.  Regrettably, there is no breakdown by voting pattern, but under 35s skew to surfing and the 65+ cohort to watching TV.

Anyway, onwards.  Asked how many books they read - which includes graphic novels - 10% said none and 20% said 15+.  Reading skews, heavily, to greater levels of education, higher status work and living in Greater Paris.  In among the other questions, I rather like the fact of 18-24 year olds agreeing with the 65+ group that 'there are not as many talented authors as there once were'.  Presumably the youngsters remember their studies.... 

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