Friday, 4 March 2011

Headline o' the day

From Unite's media site:

Unite warns against privatisation of the National Blood Service: 'No to Blood Money'.

Not a hint of melodrama, eh?

Meanwhile, the date of the release can be contrasted to this extract from the release:  "On 16 February, the Health Service Journal learned that the Department of Health's commercial directorate held talks with private providers about running parts of the NHS Blood and Transplant service. Capita and DHL are understood to be interested in taking over parts of the service".

Granted, one might argue that HSJ did not necessarily go to press on the 17th (although this website item is dated 16/2...), but it does rather suggest that Unite is not as on the ball as perhaps it might be.

Can't see what the fuss is about, personally, and I will declare an interest as an erratic blood donor.  That's erratic as in the frequency of my donations, rather than as in my blood which I think is something dull like O.

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