Thursday, 24 March 2011

Maybe the next President of the US of A - have you heard of him?

Step forward Chris Christie, Republican Governor of Noo Joisey, who despite - apparently - having no intention to take a tilt at the Big One in 2012 is the clear favourite among Republican voters according to a Zogby IBOPE poll:

"New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a man who says he has no plans to run in 2012, leads a field of hypothetical Republican presidential nominees, and is thought to have the best chance of knocking off President Obama.
Of 11 possible Republican candidates being discussed for a 2012 presidential run, Christie takes 19% of the vote and 19% also think he is the most capable of a victory over Obama".

I just dropped the family fortune on him at 50-1.  


  1. I think that money's as good as yours. Christie has two things going for him. He's neither Sarah Palin nor Donald Trump.