Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Signs o' the times

I have been honeymooning in Italy with the lovely Mrs QG, hence the lack of posting.  Here are some pictorial talking points:

This was spotted at the Victor Emmanuel monument in Rome (qv).  Granted my Italian is not all that but I do wonder how one might 'overcome the barriers of location' but I strongly approve of the concept of relevance for monuments.

Moving swiftly on - a sign on the stairs of the basilica of St Peter's:

'Any act of vandalism on the structure will be punished by expulsion and fine'.  What no 'and imperils the soul of the vandal with eternal damnation'?  While some of the Vatican signs stretched to German and French, none of the 'vandalism' signs did, these being restricted to English, Italian and Spanish.  Draw your own conclusions.   

We did not visit this Sicilian attraction, for fear we would have been either sliced up and served with mozzarella and basil or made into a ragu.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


I am off site for a bit, and so - in the time honoured phrase - blogging will be light.