Monday, 14 March 2011

All the way from Helsinki, the '"reincarnation location generator".

Yes, really.

"You can find out where you might come back in a second go-around on the planet by going to the online site of Helsingin Sanomat's monthly supplement Kuukausiliite, which has built itself a "reincarnation location generator" based loosely on the actions of a one-armed bandit".

Click here to try it out. It is in Finnish, unsurprisingly, but all one has to do is click on the fruit machine picture and then on the bandit's arm three times - once for continent, then country and finally city / region.  Exciting, eh?  In three attempts I have had China twice and India once.  Probability being what it is, that is not hugely surprising.   Doubtless the creators intend the users to feel horribly privileged for being Finns.

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