Tuesday, 22 March 2011

What ever happened to RAF roundels?

(This is, among other things, an excuse to post some aviation pr0n).

Exhibit A - A Sopwith Camel:

Spot those rather attractive roundels on the wings and the fuselage?

Exhibit B - A Supermarine Spitfire:

Handsome isn't it?  The roundels help too...

Fast forwarding a bit, the Handley-Page Victor.  And what a dapper, if somewhat unsung, beast that is:

The roundels add a degree of rakishness, I think.

The English Electric Lightning:


Pretty clear which Air Force those chaps are flying for, wouldn't you agree?

(I'm nearly at the point.  Bear with me)

The Jaguar:

Not such an easy tell, eh?

The Tornado:


And finally the (new) Typhoon:

Looks more like they are representing Jacob's crackers, don't they?

Now I appreciate that identification of friend from foe is more likely to be done with means other than the naked eye, but I still think it is all rather sad.