Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A new departure for BritArt?

Given that BritArtists have exhausted their ability to upset / annoy etc Middle England / the boojwahsie and so forth, what about following this template from the DPRK?:

"National and provincial art squads and city, county and district itinerant art squads have conducted agitation activities for increased production over the last week at major coal mines in Sunchon, Tokchon, Kangdong and other areas".

And what's more, 'They have joined coal miners in their work and break, encouraging them to boost the coal output'.  Poor devils - as if coal mining wasn't unpleasant and dangerous enough already.

And while I'm at it, I bet it was not widely appreciated that dogs, parrots and guinea pigs are 'rare':

 "The Central Zoo in Pyongyang welcomed more rare animals. They are 18 pet dogs of six species, more than 130 parrots of eight species and 50 guinea pigs ".

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