Thursday, 10 March 2011

Anecdote o' the day. Read it - you can thank me later.

This is a tale from John Julius Norwich's 'Still More Christmas Crackers' (1990-1999), a collection of 'poetry, prose and literary odds and ends' :

From What's On? - Wiltshire Wildlife Week published by the Wiltshire Trust for Nature Conservation, 14-22 June 1991:
On Sunday June 2 the Pewsey Group are putting together an unusual combination of attractions, to be staged on the grassy slopes of Martinsell. The centerpiece will be a game of COWPAT ROULETTE.
A held at the base of the hill will be marked out in squares, and participants will stake money on one or more squares. Then a cow is led in and eventually performs on whatever square it chooses to make the winning square. If necessary, a further cow can be introduced for a further round. The field is dearly visible from the flat area above, where there will be a marquee. It can also be seen from the whole path to the summit of Martinsell so if people like to walk to the top of the hill, they can do so while keeping an eye on the cow and their fortunes below.

Always assuming the Viscount does not object, and I can persuade the OCR program to behave, I will be providing further gems when the mood takes me.  

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