Thursday, 31 March 2011

Europe's Far Left failing to keep step.

A few weeks back I made a moderate amount of hay from Sinn Fein's supporting Gadaffi (to all intents and purposes) via their involvement with the GUE/NGL grouping in the EU Parliament.

In among the GUE/NGL MEPs lurks one Eva-Britt Svensson, flying the red flag for Sweden.  So mark this, found at the ever diverting   

"The Left party agreed Wednesday to vote through the government proposal that Sweden send fighters to Libya when the Riksdag votes on Friday, but continued to support the Greens' and the Social Democrats' line of restricting Sweden's involvement".

These are Swedish Far Lefters we are talking about, so this is pretty astonishing.

To adapt Basil Hume, [this] could be the conversion of the Far Left, for which we have prayed all these years.  Unlikely, however.

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