Friday, 11 November 2011

Pyongyang follies - the comeback

I spotted this at the KCNA today:

"Football Expert Expects DPRK's Good Results in Match with Japan"

"The DPRK and Japan, both belonging to Group C of the Asian regional third-stage preliminaries for the 2014 World Cup, will have a match in Pyongyang on November 15.
Prof. and Dr. Ri Tong Gyu, a football expert and researcher at the Institute of Physical Culture under the Academy of Sports Science, is of the view that the two teams will have a hot match"
. (No sniggering at the back)

"A total of 16 matches have been held between the DPRK and Japan, including a preliminary match for the Asian Football Championship held in June 1975, in which the former defeated the latter 1:0.
The two teams had three matches in Pyongyang. They drew 0:0 in two matches and the DPRK beat Japan 2:0 in the Asian regional preliminaries for World Cup held in June 1989".

Might there be something that the KCNA is not telling us?    

Yes, there sure is.

In the last game twixt Samurai Blue and Chollima, played in September this year, Japan won 1-0.  I have been able to find results going back to 2005 - any additions would be welcome - and these show three wins to Japan, one to the DPRK and one draw.

However, onwards to the Kumi Inlet, " the southern part of Ryongyon County, South Hwanghae Province".

"Near the inlet there are rich marine resources like sea cucumber, launce, gizzard shad, oyster, short neck clam and tangle".

I'm not much of an icthyologist, but it turns out that the gizzard shad is known to non-DPRK science.  Not sure about 'tangle' though.


  1. Never let it be said that your sports reports are less than rivetting, QG.

  2. As a (vague) Portsmouth supporter I must confess that all of the results that I 'remember' would have Pompey in the Champions League each year. There may have been other results in between...perhaps.

    Does the DPRK have a cricket team? That would interest me much more than football.

  3. ASE - it looks as though it is only the South which does. -