Thursday, 3 November 2011

The most annoying napkin. Ever.

One of the unexpected pleasures of middle age is that one feels that one has carte blanche to carp, bemoan the collapse of civilisation and generally be a grumpy old man.  So, exhibit A, spotted at a nameless coffee shop chain that does a good line in free wi-fi, and come to that, coffee:

The use of 'less' where the correct word is 'fewer' never fails to grind my gears.  And then the trees as a finite resource error.  Those priggish e-mail footers declaring 'think of the environment before printing this e-mail' make me want to interface my head with the nearest flat surface, not that that would do any good.  At one point I had an e-mail footer along the lines of 'the trees used to make paper are a crop and are no more endangered than wheat, so feel free to print this if you fancy', although I doubt it won many hearts or minds. 

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