Thursday, 18 August 2011

Tehran has some fun at our expense

From the Tehran Times, in full - because it is worth it:

"TEHRAN - Two hundred and thirty-nine Iranian lawmakers issued a statement on Wednesday, condemning the violation of human rights in Britain. 

The lawmakers wrote that the unrest sweeping the United Kingdom is rooted in unemployment and economic crisis and the suppression of the protests indicates that the British government has no respect for the rights of minorities and its claims of human rights abuses in other countries are nothing more than lies. 

“Concerned international organizations and the United Nations human rights committee and the Security Council are expected to responsibly deal with the issue of the crackdown on the people in Britain and to fulfill their humanitarian and legal duties and condemn the repressive actions of the British police,” the statement said. 

The lawmakers also called on the British government to stop the mistreatment of protestors and release those arrested. 

In addition, they urged the United States and other Western countries to break their silence over the violence in Britain.

Note that there are 290 members of the Iranian Majlis, so maybe the other 51 could not stiffle their sniggering long enough to sign the motion.  Anyway, perhaps the bluff should be called and those convicted in the less than bloody assizes should be offered a choice of chokey or a one way ticket to Imam Khomeini International Airport.

Meanwhile, Iran would appear to have an  unemployment rate (best guess ) of 14.6% to our 7.7%, andt here's a round up of Iranian human rights issues here.    Totally off topic, but Persian food is divine.

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