Monday 28 May 2012

Far too good not to broadcast

This, from a South African news site, and deserving of a narrower audience:

"Gauteng MEC for Local Government and Housing, Humphrey Mmemezi, used his government-issued credit card to buy an artwork worth R10 000 from burger chain McDonald’s. The initial transaction was disguised to indicate the buying of R10 000 worth of burgers. The R10 000 would buy 256 Big Mac burger meals with large chips and a Coke at R38.95 a piece".(MEC is the equivalent of MSP/AM etc).
At the risk of spoiling the story, it would seem that Mr Mmemezi was not acquiring one of those panels showing Ronald McD fighting off Hamburglar, but rather laundering through the joint's business bank account. 

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  1. Mr Gaze, my apologies that I've not been around this locale for a good few months.

    Real life has had its moments. However the more fun bits are now organised (there may have been a wedding involved) so I wish to beg your indulgence and seek permission to crayon over your comments section once again.