Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Taste and good sense detected in France

I have been peering at a poll of levels of interest among the French in the forthcoming rugby world cup, and it would appear that if you want to chew the matière grasse about it with someone, the best bet is a Gaullist or MoDem voting, AB man of 65+ living in the south west.  So, not a huge surprise, all things considered, and much the same demographic as in these parts.

Equally, Far-left North Eastern women in late middle age, employed in lower end clerical work will be unlikely to be able to tell you the score, should your car grind to a halt somewhere near Lille.

Meanwhile, 3% of the population think that France will win it.  An eeyore-ish 6% forsee ( hope for?) failing to clear the group stage.  They are fifth favourites behind NZ, Oz, South Africa and us.  

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