Monday, 25 July 2011

Qualified to vote?

I imagine a number of folk have read about the UCU's analysis of qualifications by constituency, and because I thought it would be amusing I've been playing around with the London stats and engaged in a little light graphing.  Bottom of the heap for lack of qulifications is the demi paradise that is Ilford South at 20% (UK Polling report profile here) .  At the other extreme is Brent North (better described as Wembley, I reckon) at a fairly creditable 1.9%.  This is how BN is described at UK polling Report:  "High ethnic population in UK constituencies is normally associated with deprived inner city seats, but Brent North is most owner-occupied residential suburbs. This is a seat of upwardly mobile successful Asians".

Anyway, chart 1:

(Ilford South - Ealing North)
 (Hammersmith - Ruislip)

(Old Bexley - Brent North)

There are 73 London seats.  This is the division, by party, of the 37 least qualified electorates:
And the rest:

I wonder what manner of conclusion on might draw from all this.....

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