Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Bone-idle Belgians and hard-working Mexicans

The OECD has been investigating hours worked (paid and unpaid - so including household matters) by country, and Belgian daily Le Soir is rather pleased to report that Belgians work the least - 427 minutes a day, or about 7 hours and seven minutes a day.  We rack up 7 hours 53 minutes, but given that shopping is counted as work, and knowing how much some of us like that.....

Anyway, a chart of those countries mentioned in the article:

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  1. Mexico? Ten hours? Seriously?

    Cleaning apartments in Los Angeles can't count in these stats; so they must fill a ten hour day entirely with drug dealing, killing people, drinking and swatting flies. Impressive.

    Although the other 14 hours sleeping does make sense.