Thursday, 28 April 2011

World War 3 - coming our way soon, apparently

As seen at, an Azeri news source.

Eldar Ibrahimov, an Azeri politician interviewed by

What consequences may resumption of the Karabakh conflict have?

Renewed fighting in Karabakh could push the world into the World War III. If hostilities are resumed, CSTO (1) will defend Armenia while Turkey, supported by NATO, will defend Azerbaijan.  Either way, peace is the only way to solvethe problem. In turn, this way passes only through the withdrawal of Armenia's forces from the occupied lands of Azerbaijan.

Ri-ight.  This is the same NATO that struggles to get its collective act together over Libya, which is going to wade into a war with Russia because Turkey is chummy with Azerbaijan?  

1 - CSTO, of which I had not heard previously, is a collective defence organisation comprising most of what was the USSR.  See if you can guess which similar organisation inspired its flag:



  1. Needs to have been booked first.

  2. The Od Soviets must be kicking themselves. If they had only realised what a bunch of wankers NATO really ARE, as has been shown on MANY occassions since the "fall" of the Soviet Union, the could have been wining and dinning in the Peoples collective of Fortnum and Mason for decades.

  3. James - Looks like it...

    FT - Looks rather like it, doesn't it?

  4. As with Furor Teutonicus I imagine that KGB and Red Army reunions are made up of men who can't understand how they lost the Cold War. Shift a couple of tanks westwards and we'd have folded like wet laundry.

    Considering how useless NATO has shown itself over the years when the chips are down, I agree with them. At the very least we'd have got a better quality of vodka too.

  5. Mind you, what about this, this from deep in the archives:

    "....the well intentioned 'Peace Through Alcohol' movement of some years back. In the early eighties they surmised that with the rampant alcholism of the Red Army (tanks out of commission because the anti-freeze had been drunk, Migs grounded as the brake fluid had been drunk etc etc), it would be a great deal cheaper to scrap planned siting of Pershing, cruise etc missiles, and instead switch the West's defence budget to stockpiling vodka and the like. Then if the Red Wheel were to roll west, NATO would parachute down crate after crate of vodka just ahead of the advancing wave. The advance would then stop, the Red Army would get thoroughly mashed, and we could then just round them up and despatch them home with maybe some liver salts and paracetomols to help soothe their aching heads".

  6. XX All Seeing Eye said...

    As with Furor Teutonicus I imagine that KGB and Red Army reunions are made up of men who can't understand how they lost the Cold War. XX

    I am a regular visitor yt NVA (National Volksarmee Army of East Germany) reunions, working in Hellersdorf/Marzhan, the "Russian area" of Berlin, and my Neighbour is a Soviet army Afghanistan vetran.

    That is EXACTLY the attitude. And the above post re "Peace through alcohol" they could not agree with more.

  7. It looks very similar to the flag of NATO.