Monday, 18 April 2011

A discovery it would be selfish not to share....

Over at EU HQ, there is a page with this piece of text:

"If you want to know more, please read our fact sheet "Managing the agriculture budget wisely" [pdf available in deenfrit]. This fact sheet provides an overview of the systems for the management and checking of agricultural expenditure, both at national and EU level, and describes the roles and responsibilities of the different actors".
(The boxed language links above are clickable)

'Managing the agriculture budget wisely', eh?  Sounds interesting and ripe for mockery, no?

However, it turns out to be along the lines of those books of blank pages with titles like 'All that men know about women', 'The wit of Gordon Brown' etc, as clicking on the English pdf takes you precisely nowhere.   However, and here the plot thickens considerably, clicking on 'de', 'fr' or 'it' takes one to an explanation in one of those languages.  Could it be that I've stumbled upon the biggest plot of the lot, or is it just that there some lousy html use going on?

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