Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Today's yank at the heartstrings

This, from The Romanian Times. If you have tears, prepare to shed them:

Romanian president Traian Basescu said today (Thurs) on public radio that he is discontent with his salary.
Basescu said: "We must admit doctors are badly paid, teachers are very badly paid, public clerks as well as members of the military. We all get the wages which the country can afford, which [is] not as much as we'd need."

"I wished I had a salary [of] more than 1,100 Euros per month, especially [as] I am not allowed to have a suit which is worn at the elbows, I must always have a white shirt, a tie," commented the President.  
I make that £922 per month, so not a phenomenally great scratch, especially compared to some of our council chief execs.  However, shining one's shoes does not involve much expenditure after the inital sunk costs.  A little research reveals a list of British towns twinned with Romanian ones, if not Bucharest, or Constanja, the nearest significant town to his place of birth, but I am not going to let that get in the way of a modest proposal - why don't the CEOs of Leeds, Liverpool, Coventry and Nottingham (inter alia) do their bit to show inter-municipal solidarity, if not with Traian, then with the CEOs of their sister councils, who - presumably - also have problems funding their white shirt and shiny shoe habits?  

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