Friday, 18 February 2011

Enemies within and without

Gallup, because they are lovely people, have polled the good people of the US of A as to which state they regard as their greatest enemy, and in outbreak of still greater loveliness have published the results.  The chart, however, is my doing:

And oh what a waggish / self-loathing / useful idiot 2% there is that judges that the US is its own worst enemy.  I think it is a shame that the make up of 'other' is not teased out.  Canada?  Burundi?  The Solomon Islands?

Affording enemy status is not quie the same as liking and disliking various countries, and look how well we do:

Given the amount of money given to Kabul and Baghdad, perhaps they might spend some of it on a charm offensive State-side....  



  1. I suspect that 2% is mainly from Manhatten and California.

  2. Despite being second highest on their "like" list, we still seem to provide them with the stereotype for most of their cinematic villans.

    Perhaps it's because they know we won't make a fuss?

  3. Julia - All too likely, and they are probably thinking of mountain men from West Virginia or gun nuts from Idaho.

    Lakelander - Well, it keeps British thesps in the black, and gets them away from here, so it can't be all bad.