Monday, 21 February 2011

Even more EU fun and games

I found this curious video lurking in the EU's YouTube channel, even though the author goes under the soubriquet of 'Gay Aussie':

On the face of it (or even at all, actually), exciting it ain't - being a series of photos of EU Presidents with a few lines on their achievements. However, there is some entertainment to be had.

Jean Rey (0.54) was clearly a bit of a radical, because he 'advocated universal suffrage'. Franco Maria Malfatti (1:05) apparently achieved nothing at all during his three year tenure, nor did Sicco Mansholt (1:14). One would think that maybe they could have summoned the energy to equal Rey's radicalism. Opposing the slave trade, or questioned the divine right of kings, perhaps? Fast forwarding a bit, Jacques Delors shows up as the longest serving pres so far. It would seem that he is still agitating for a federal Europe at 85. Quite pleasing that he will not live to see it. My favourite bit is this epic mispelling- 'fruitition' (2:52) - which has gone uncorrected in almost two years. Urban Dictionary defines it as 'The art of using fruit in nutrition', but that definition rates one thumbs up to seven down.

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