Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Charge it to my account....

A video from EUTube (I have failed dismally to get it to embed, alas).

 If, understandably, you cannot face a 1:40 seconds of EU banner waving, the voiceover bod claims that the move towards a universal charger for mobiles is 'down to the EU's powers of persusion' and 'reduce electronic waste by more than 50,000 tonnes'.  

The first claim, is - unsurprisingly - not exactly true, as the EU's own onechargerforall.eu website makes clear:

"in March 2009 the EU Commission gave the mobile phone industry an ultimatum to voluntarily adopt common standards for chargers or be subject to mandatory EU legislation".

So, persuasion in much the same way that when mugged a wise man hands over his wallet before getting stabbed.  As to the 50,000 tonnes claim, I very much doubt that my next 'phone - which is a long way off - will come without a charger.

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