Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Something to entertain pretty well everybody.

Still busy with things, so not much time for blogging, but this merits a mini-post.

A clearly splendid American chap by the name of Stephen Von Worley has created an application which pinpoints places named for first names (and not just the common ones) on google earth / maps.  There are William thises and thats aplenty, although none within easy walking distance, alas.  Fort William, Calcutta is now on my must see list.

More here, plus the all important link    


  1. Immensely useful. I can sleep easier tonight.

  2. Glad you liked it. Now, alas, I must return to 'sordid commerce' ((c) Newmania).

  3. There is an easy-reading book "McCarthy's Bar" by a (sadly deceased) BBC reporter Pete McCarthy documenting his efforts to drink in every bar in Southern Ireland which bore that name.

    Your link is splendid - gives me an idea to try a similar thing on an international scale.

    Now *that* would make for a great rolling blog.