Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Strange bedfellows....

From the London Assembly site:

"The London Assembly today unanimously passed a motion congratulating Her Majesty the Queen on the impending marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton".
And in more precise terms, this:

This Assembly sends a message of loyal greetings to Her Majesty the Queen on the occasion of the marriage of her grandson, HRH Prince William of Wales, to Catherine Middleton on 29 April 2011 and extends its warmest wishes to the happy couple for a long and happy life together. The Assembly additionally sends its best wishes to Her Majesty on the impending marriage of her granddaughter, Miss Zara Phillips. The Assembly instructs the Chair to write to Her Majesty conveying its respect and greetings.”(My emphases)

Having checked the composition of the current assembly, there are '11 Conservative, eight Labour, three Liberal Democrat, two Green Party and one Independent'.  The independent was voted in as a member of the B*P.

A little bit of digging around shows that the Green Party put out a  policy document in 2009 which is distinctly republican:
  • The monarchy shall cease to be an office of government. The legislative, executive and judicial roles of the monarch shall cease. 
  • Peers and members of the royal family shall have the same civil rights and fiscal obligations as other citizens. 
  • A settlement of property held by the current royal family shall be made, to divide it between that required for the private life of current members of the family and that to be public property.
As an unabashed republican, I am not going to feign outrage etc, but I think that Johnson and Jones might have some trouble defending themselves from the charge of hypocrisy.  Unless they send congrats to the mothers of all soon to be marrieds, of course.


  1. puzzled of nether wallop16 March 2011 at 10:48

    Hello old chap!

    The plums of wrath are wiser than the other thingies of instruction.

    But I'm sure you knew that.

  2. PoNW - What a pleasure to see you again. Wise words, as ever.