Monday, 26 September 2011

Safeguarding our parliamentarians from the menace of harmonicas, tennis balls and moth spray

Some public spirited individual has FOI'd items confiscated from public visitors to the Palace of Westminster by the boys and girls in blue, and I've 'borrowed' the story from the b3ta newsletter.   The full list is here,  but highlights for the first seven months of 2011 include:

  • Five (rather than seven) bells.
  • One cricket ball, but two cricket bats.
  • 13 darts - although not generally in the usual set of three.
  • 15 footballs - making it the most popular ball sport.
  • Nine harmonicas.  (Memory fails me as to which bluesman sported harps on a belt).
  • 10 lightbulbs.
  • Two sets of nailclippers.   
  • Five police helmets (child).
  • One rock -  no geologists on duty that day, obviously.
  • 11 cans of shaving foam - ALL in July.
  • Two tents, but just one sleeping bag.  Maybe it was a double.   


  1. Was particularly amused by 'Horse Crop ' 1

    I just suddenly had this vision of the stereo-typical country squire being stopped by the plod outside the HoC. All red of face and tweed of dress having just posted up from the Shires, come to give 'the buggers a bloody good thrashing'

  2. Although it must be a thorough search to discover 'Air Pellets' 1

    Doesn't say if it was .22 or .177 though

  3. That moth spray is deadly stuff. Have you ever inhaled it?

  4. PC - Or maybe Miss Floggy was interrupted before she could meet her client....

    JH - If it can take out Mothra (qv), clearly.