Thursday, 11 August 2011

Curious opinion poll o' the day. Yes, it's French.

Now that the Visigoths appear to have been sent back to their caves, time for some light relief, and where better to turn than to a bizarre French opinion poll, which I am *not*, repeat, *not* making up:

'The French and their sexual fantasies', conducted by Harris for Marianne, a current affairs etc magazine.

Yes, really.  Here's the link to the data.  In keeping with basic decorum and this being a family blog and all, there's nothing that should bring bring too much of a blush to a maidenly cheek or otherwise be not safe for work.

The initial question asks whether folk think about other people while engaged in 'l'amour' with a significant other, and the findings are not that thrilling.  Where it gets interesting is when the data is examined by political allegiance.  Right wingers are the ones with minds most prone to wander - 6% 'fessed up to 'often', compared to zero among the extreme left.  Whether that is down to questions of loyalty,  fulfillment, imagination or the reverse is left unexplored.  The highest figure for 'never' is for Gaull ist - 53% and the lowest for Greens (not included in extreme left, oddly enough) - 39%.

Offered a list of celebs, George Clooney (F - 33%) and Sophie Marceau (M- 30%) top the list.  Clint Eastwood does octogenarians proud, as 9% of ladies opted for him.  And Brad Pitt outscores Kate Moss among chaps.  There is a heavy skew towards Clooney for the extreme left and for Sophie Marceau for the right.  Clooney is a liberal, surprise surprise, while Marceau has refused to share a TV studio with Jean-Marie Le Pen.  How she feels about the Laffer curve, climate change and school vouchers is as yet unknown.

Entertaining though this is, the survey then moves onto French politicians, which is where the fun really starts.  For chaps, top of the table at 25% is Rama Yade.  Here she is:

She served in Sarko's government and was ambassador to UNESCO.  Current whereabouts are unknown.

Second most popular (10%) is Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, minister for the environment etc:

Ségolène Royal limps home in third at 5%.

For the ladies, it is Dominique de Villepin, albeit at a rather feeble 4%:

As for Sarko himself, he scores one per cent among the ladies, less than Ms Yade.  Mind you, Francois Hollande and Martine Aubrey scored zero for both genders.  Dominique Strauss Kahn rates 1% among female respondents and I will add nothing more to that finding.

The political skew sees little to separate right from left when it comes to Rama Yade, but there is evidence of party loyalty with other figures - 7% of Frontistes 'like' Marine Le Pen, compared to 1% overall, and Aubry and Hollande do register some support among the left.  Greens prefer Royal, relative to the norm. 

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